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          Are you or someone you love suffering from the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol? Are

   you involved in a domestic violence relationship? Are your children out of control and don't

   know what to do? It is a well know fact that substance abuse, domestic violence, and

   poor parenting skills not only affects the individual, but the entire family. Our staff have

   been trained in Parenting Education, Domestic Violence for the perpetrator and the victim,

   and our Substance Abuse Counselors are certified. Individual, and Family Therapist are Registered 

   Associates Marriage and Family who are supervised by a License Therapist. Give us a call today, and

   get the help you deserve.

     Today we live in society that's being bombarded by sexual explicit material  that not only negatively affects adults but teens as well, drug and alcohol abuse are out of control, aggressive behavior-domestic violence is at an all time high, and the mental health problem in this country is sadly being neglected. We believe that a person or a family who is willing to make some life changing decisions can be transformed into individuals who will be an asset rather than a liability to our society. We believe that family unification is vital to the success of the individuals. Therefore; we emphasize family participation at the discretion of the individual, behavior modification, coping skills, vocational rehabilitation, job training, education, spirituality, and an understanding of our social environment and the importance of family unity. We believe we can help those entering our program build a strong and healthy foundation, one that will brings hope rather than despair, and give hope, when there's no hope in sight. 

                                                                             OUR GOAL

Is too see our clients build a sense of worth by building self-esteem through personal accomplishments such as work and education, establish a strong spiritual foundation, and family reunification.

                                                                              OUR MISSION

Is too help our clients, those who are struggling to understand life's complicated issues. By taking a holistic approach, we will look at the effects of our social environment, and the role of the family. We believe that through a spiritual awakening, an understanding of our environment, and family unity, that our clients can live a joyous, peaceful, and productive life. Spiritual advising will be based on a Christian Biblical perspective.


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3524 1/4 W. Beverly Blvd.

Montebello, CA. 90640

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