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  • Substance Abuse Program: Based on the assessment, the Court order and the severity of the problem, we have an; 8 week drug awareness program, 12-16 week moderate problem, 24 week severe addiction problem, or a residential program for the dependent person (referred out).

  • Domestic Violence / Anger Management Program (DV/AM): for the perpetrator (52 week batterer's program). Our victim's program is 16 weeks that teaches; the cycle of violence, characteristics of a batterer, the effects on the victim and the families, and much more.

  • Parenting: This 10 week course teaches psychologically advanced skills to replace outdated permissive and authoritarian methods that don’t work well with today’s children. Parents will increase their skills and knowledge on how to develop children’s self-esteem, teach self-discipline, resolve conflicts effectively, and an understanding of how children think and much more. Not only does it teach how to work with your children it also works with struggling relationships, teaching communicating effectively and conflict resolution.

  • Sexual Addiction/Awareness, and Offenders: this program will meet the needs of those dealing with sexual addiction / abnormal behavior (Pornography). 

  • Individual, Marriage & Family Therapy: number of session will be based on the results of a psycho-social assessment. Therapy will be provided by Registered MFT's, clinically supervised by a LMFT.

  • Counseling / Therapy for Veterans and their families.



  Hours:                                                  Fees: Adjustable rates:          Collaborates:   

  For your convenience, Open              based on a sliding scale,       L.A. County Superior Court,

  Mon.-Thur. 9am-7pm,                        Group classes $20-30             Edelman Children's Court

  Fri. 9am-5pm, Sat. 8am - 2pm           Cal VCP - Free services           Department of Children and         

  Parenting Class, DV/AM Class            for victims of crime,              Family Services, L.A. County.

  call for schedule                                  their families who qualify.                                

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